How Paper Recycling Works?

Paper recycling can produce quality new paper products from waste papers. Similar like plastics, glass bottles we can recycle paper for reuse. Here in this post you can learn how paper is recycled? and what are the concepts and technologies used in this industry. In developing countries paper production companies mostly using recycling techniques. Before entering the whole process of I want to give a little intro about how recycled papers are made? In all countries paper is made on two methods. First one is from wooden plump and another one method is through waste papers. Some developing countries using agricultural method in the paper industry. They never harvest forest areas; they are using some alternative methods. Below are the raw materials commonly used worldwide.

  • Wood based Paper manufacturing
  • Agro based Paper Production
  • Waste Paper Based

The Evergreen Paper Recycling

Paper Recyclers
Here in this post let we see the paper production from waste paper based method.  Generally paper starts with the dirty wastepaper containers. These materials are collected from various parts of the country through the bins and it taken to the recycling plant. There the important process operated, that is workers doing job for separating wastage into various types and grades.  We can recycle any type of paper material collected from bins. is a process to make quality papers again from the old ones. Once the separation job complete, the raw material will go inside the factory for cleaning. It means the process wash the dirty waste paper material with soapy water for removing inks, plastic film, staples and glues.  A large holder carries all these works and finally we get slurry stage. We can add different materials with slurry for producing different types of paper products. The Slurry is the base product for making lot of paper products like cardboard, newsprint or office usage papers. With the use of large rollers slurry is spreader out into large thin sheets.  We are in final stage, once the paper comes up dried condition it will rolled in the rollers and ready to cut for our various usages. The paper product comes out from the factory and ready on shops.

How To Recycle Shredded Paper?

Evergreen Paper Recycling
Shredded paper collected from many ways. Especially collection agents grab tons of shredded paper bales from factory outlets and lot of small medium size shops. Recycling is nature friendly and cost effective way in lot of cases. We can recycle paper materials, plastics and even steel related items. This type of business process is heavily reducing the manufacturing cost. You know a research says half of the paper usage in United States of America gets their paper consumption from recycled. Last year paper usage is approximately 80 million tons. In large corporate companies and presses are everyday leaves unwanted paper wastage on their business. This type of waste paper material called Shredded Paper. Let we see the basic steps involve in Shredded Paper recycling.

  1. The process of recycling paper starts from local collection centers. It may be privately owned or nongovernmental organizations managed.
  2. All collected paper materials are separated and bundled based on the composition. Here the paper waste separated by the quality likes newsprint, Cardboard etc.
  3. These bundles are taking and delivered the evergreen paper recycling plant. Normally the collection agent get tie-up with the waste paper recycling plant. So he can get money for their bundles.
  4. I have lot of enquiries, is shredded paper recyclable? Yes, they are finest quality for reproduce. The process of recycling paper in the plant starts with the giant blender it tossed into tinny fibers.
  5. The watery fiber mixture generally called pulp. It takes important part in shredded paper recycle. The pulp filter out chunks and dirties .
  6. Some cleaning chemicals completely remove the tinny dirt, oil and other unwanted contaminants from the pulp.
  7. The process of recycling paper stages are continues. A perfect chemical solution used for de-inked in the stage of blowing bubbles. Then the pulp is bleached for whiteness.
  8. We comes up on the final stage where to take shredded paper after it converted in to pure de-inked pulp.  The watery pulp spread on to wide screens for drain water.
  9. Waste paper recycling complete in this stage. The Heated pressers remove the water and the clean paper is rolled up into huge rolls. Normally these rolls weighting as much as 3 tone each.
  10. Shredded paper recycling completed, and the rolled papers are ready to cutting, packaging and shipping.
  11. Paper recycling sign is every day glowing, because the consumption of paper usage is high demand in all countries.

Why We Give Importance for Recycled Paper?

We must give importance for recycling. Because it reduces heavily the production cost and save our forests. A paper recycling center use lots of trees if we not using waste papers. A survey says 40% of paper production companies using tree plantations for making paper rolls. If we plan to make 1 kilo gram of paper we need to spend 324 liters of water, particularly 10 liters of water need to make one A4 size paper. One print a Sunday edition of New York Times requires 75,000 trees. Here they give 3 challenges in the recycling industry. Fortunately paper recyclers not using trees for their raw materials. In paper recycle centers 1 ton of recycling paper saves 782.5 gallons of oil, 32,000 liters of water and 22 trees. Not only we can recycle paper materials here is the short list of things that can be recycled (Aluminum, Plastic, Steel and Copper). I will post separately for these materials in this blog. Be subscribe for every day updates.

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